Happy Ending

Happy Ending


Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) is a writer who hasn't written anything for a few years. He is caught between finding inspiration and finding love. Armaan (Govinda) a fading movie star who goes to Hollywood to get a Bollywood script written in Hollywood style in his desperation to save his stardom. He approaches Yudi to write a film for him.

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Happy Ending is worthy to once for Govinda, who lights up the screen with his mere presence and thos !!

November 21 st, 2014

What happens when a couple of new age directors choose to pick a formula, challenge it, twist it around, while still staying loyal to it? Well, a movie like Happy Ending comes up.
Krishna and Raj are witty filmmakers who blend their urbane humour with a well paced narrative. This is what they have been doing so far in 99, Shor In The City and Go Goa Gone, but this time they look desperate to up the ante and thus start experimenting with characterisation and choose the romcom genre. The man who plays the central hero, Saif Ali Khan, is just the one for the job, and it is apparent right from Scene One that he is clearly enjoying his return to the Cocktail/Love Aaj Kal zone.
Happy Ending is a movie loaded with unplanned satires and a misplaced sense of what makes its central characters cool and relevant to its viewers.
Saif Ali Khan plays Yudi, a Los Angeles based author, who struck gold with his debut novel and is living off royalties. A commitment phobic man-child, who is too full of himself in an obvious way, Yudi is, for reasons known only to the scriptwriters, irresistible to the women he dates.
He is trying to wriggle his way out of his relationship with his psychotic girlfriend Vishakha (Kalki Koechlin) when he meets another writer Aanchal Reddy (Ileana D’Cruz).
Aanchal also happens to be a bestselling author in Los Angeles (what are the odds of that happening?) and Yudi instantly falls for her because her view of modern day relationships is as skewed as his own.
Then there is the indomitable Govinda as the aging movie superstar, who has his sights on the multiplex audience and summons Yudi to write a ‘romedy’ that will be a ‘blockbuster all over the world.’
Ranvir Shorey, ever the brilliant sidekick who is known to often overshadow the hero, is unfortunately handed the short end of the stick in this one as the boorish, unimaginatively written best friend of the hero -- a hen-pecked husband whose only aim in life is to live vicariously through his unattached friend’s escapades.
To his credit though, Shorey manages to rise above the lazy writing and infuses obvious situations with admirable flair.
That, when till the mid-point of the movie (and the story within it), the proceedings are so smooth and hunky dory that they seem too good to be true. The comic portions are just correct, the fun is in store each time around Kalki comes on scene while Ileana's communicative act brings in freshness into the movie as an actor as well as the character. But, it is Govinda's scenes in the first half that bring the freshness. He is terrific as a Bollywood star looking for an image change and the characteristic dialogue delivery makes one root for him in a big way.
The second half begins well too and the road trip taken by Saif and Ileana with later scenes on the highway and then in the bedroom are really sweet. You really love to see the duo coming close here and while the comic element keeps the pace on, it is the romantic element that brings down the pace. It is this middle portion of the movie where the formulaic moments come in even as the movie was propagating a move against the formula. Also, one misses Govinda on the scene as his enhanced presence would have absolutely added a lot of momentum to the proceedings. In fact Kalki's re-entry into the scene is a bit unexpected too, though one loves Preity Zinta's two scene act (one in each half - and meaningful too) really beautiful.
The movie picks up again though when Saif and Govinda interact all over again on a script reading. Raj and DK play on the formula rather successfully this time around and from here, it pretty much leads to a happy ending. The epilogue is right too with Saif getting a taste of being a Bollywood romedy writer (as Govinda calls a romantic drama) though astonishingly there is no music video in the end credit title rolls.
Raj and DK need to be complimented for switching genres movie after movie and not get stereotype. They give a tremendously rich and polished look to their urban entertainer. Saif is ideal in his part and depicts the role with a graceful ease. It is Saif Ali Khan 2 which is a tougher part as one wrong step could have made the character seem uncivilized. But the actor plays it right. Ileana is picture perfect and convinced with her facial expressions being plentiful and superb. Govinda is tremendously likeable and showcases the stereotypes that go in the industry, without going overboard with it. Kalki has a meaty role to play in the movie and her scene at a cafe is a highlight. Ranvir only ends up making one wonder why he is not seen more frequently. He is natural to the core and brings on a smile every time he appears. Sachin-Jigar's music score goes with the tale and none of the songs overstay their welcome.
Happy Ending can hold your attention throughout its length except some not-so-necessary intimate scenes. There is enough in the narrative to provide you a good dose of entertainment, you just don’t need to expect too much.
The movie as a whole does too when it keeps itself speedy and snappy and concludes at the point where it is suitable to declare a Happy Ending.
On the whole, Happy Ending is worthy to once for Govinda, who lights up the screen with his mere presence and those legendary moves.

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