Hate Story 4

Hate Story 4


Synopsis: The movie starts with Tasha (Urvashi Rautela) confronting Aryan(Vivan Bhatena) about their intimate picture, which had been sent to her phone anonymously. As she is about to leave, Rishma (Ihana Dhillon) appears with a gun to kill Aryan because of his betrayal. In a tuffle between Aryan and Rishma, Rishma gets shot and hence, dies. The story moves back introducing Aryan as a son of Vikram Khurana (Gulshan Grover) and Rishma as his girlfriend and colleague. The company is in search of a fresh face to represent their brand and Rajveer(Karan Wahi), Aryan's brother is given the responsibility to search the one. For this quest, he goes to a bar where Tasha is performing and is smitten by her. After the dance, he follows her and saves her from a guy who vows to get back to him soon. To thank him, Tasha agrees to go for coffee and tells him about her dreams of becoming a star. Rajveer takes this as an opportunity to come close to her and hence helps her in becoming the star she wanted to be. Monica (Rita Siddqui), now Rajveer's ex, is hurt by his gesture and vows to spoil his plans. Moreover, Aryan too is smitten by her beauty. At the event, when Vikram meets Tasha, he warns Aryan of keeping Rajveer away from Tasha as this might hamper his chances at winning the election. Meanwhile, Rajveer drops Tasha at home and deliberately hides her purse so she has to come back. As per his plan, two guys start advancing on Tasha and hence, Rajveer saves her and gifts her a mansion to live there safely. As he goes back and gives the guys compensation, someone clicks their picture.
The story comes to present when Aryan convinces Tasha to think of their lives and throw away Rishma's body. Unwillingly, Tasha sits in the car with him as he loads the body in the car. As they are on their way, the story moves back when Rajveer confesses his love for Tasha just to get her to his bedroom as he is aware of Tasha being a simple girl needing commitment. As Aryan witnesses the proposal, he plans to spend night with her by sending Rajveer and Rishma away. At a party, he makes Tasha drunk and is successful. In the morning, Tasha cries of her deed and Aryan convinces her to keep it a secret. Rishma gets about it by their intimate picture sent by anonymous and hence, she slaps him and goes away. The starting scene of the movie is repeated and connected when Tasha gets the same pic and Rishma is shot. Aryan dumps her body in the river and comforts Tasha that they are safe. As Aryan sits in the car, that's when Tasha tells the audience that it's not a love story, it's a hate story, revealing herself to be the person behind all this.
After the interval, the story focusses on Tasha who is the mastermind behind the plan of demeaning the Khurana brothers. She continues to avoid Rajveer making him restless and hence, falling in love with her. As he confronts her, Tasha asks about his previous relationships that were just for pleasure and exposing his advances to be used as a toy by Rajveer. At a gathering, Aryan receives a video of him dumping a body, allegedly of Rishma. Moreover in a drunken state, Rajveer confesses his love for Tasha in front of all, leaving Tasha, Vikram and Aryan bothered. As Tasha leaves the venue , Rajveer goes behind her dreaming of proposing her with ring and making love. Upon reaching her house, he is shocked as Tasha refuses his love and is about to reveal about her love for Aryan when Aryan comes and tells Rajveer to go back. Rajveer is heartbroken and disgusted by Tasha. Meanwhile Tasha convinces Aryan of loving him rather than Rajveer.
Next morning, Vikram is baffled by antics of Rajveer last night when he receives the intimate picture of Aryan and Tasha and the video of dumping dead body. After that the message of the blackmailer (Tasha) is received instructing his sons to confess their crime which was committed same day two years back in India. The story goes two years back when a girl, Bhavna(Tia Bajpai) was heading for her car after exiting the club. Finding her tempting, Rajveer started to get her into his car forcefully when Ashwin (Shaad Randhawa) came to help her and hence started beating Rajveer. To save his brother, Aryan shot him, wounding him. Overcome by rage, Rajveer snatched the gun and shot him thrice, killing him on the spot. He pushes Bhavna, who lies there unconscious and escapes. In the hospital, Ashwin is declared dead as his sister, Natasha (Tasha) and his mother comes. Bhavna's father gets a call from Vikram, instructing him to do as he says and not to give any evidence against his sons. In the pressure, Bhavna could not tell the police, which too was bribed already. Natasha vows to get revenge for her brother's murder and gets Bhavna to confess the name of the murderer.
Presently, Rajveer who is heartbroken, is not able to overcome the pain when he is informed about Aryan being the person who snatched his love, by the guy from the club who earlier tried to force Tasha (that was a plan). In fit of rage, he goes to Tasha and asks about the same. Tasha blames it on Aryan, for telling her about Rajveer's ex girlfriends and showing her the picture of Rajveer bribing the guys who were advancing on Tasha earlier. As Rajveer leaves to get even with Aryan, Tasha informs Aryan about Rajveer getting to know about them. Rajveer confronts Aryan blaming him of taking his life, Tasha and threatens him to tell about his deed of killing Rishma as well as Ashwin. In the struggle to stop him, he ends up killing Rajveer whom he dumps in a grave as suggested by Tasha. Meanwhile, as the search is ensued for Rajveer, Monica gets to know about Alisha who was bribed for giving her place at bar to Tasha. She informs Aryan about Natasha. Now, knowing the truth, Aryan confronts her and tries to kill her, when she informs him of police coming to arrest him as he killed his brother. She successfully knocks him out and injures herself to depict innocence in front of the police who arrests him.
In the ending credits, Tasha is seen condemning Vikram as a father, being responsible of his sons' fate. At Natasha's home, a lady stands in front of Ashwin's picture, revealed to be Rishma, the former fiancé of Ashwin. At the time of dumping the body, Tasha had distracted Aryan enabling the body to be changed. The bullets were fake. Hence, Tasha and Rishma were successful in avenging death of Ashwin.

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