When her mother meets with an accident, Sanjana is forced to return to Kerala from Mumbai along with her husband Kabir. 
Sanjana, is the survivor between the conjoined twins, and when she comes home after years she is thrown face first into her old life which is both painful and haunting. 
Sanjana's return to Kerala not just brings back distant memories, but it seems as if it also brought back her sister Anjana's spirit. 
Sanjana is the only one, who feels Anjana's (Bipasha) presence and sees her face in mirrors and reflections. 
Sanjana (Bipasha) shares her plight with Kabir (Karan Singh) but he believes that it is merely love for her sister and the guilt of losing Anjana that is leading to these hallucinations. 
But soon these delusions grow into spine tingling incidents bringing Sanjana at the verge of a breakdown. Kabir takes help from his psychiatrist friend Namit only to realize that it is rather beyond science. Is the existence of Anjana's spirit real or it is just a figment of Sanjana's fervent guilt loaded imagination. 
Slowly these hallucinations give way to a shocking discovery of a horrific secret conjoined with fear, fate and a most passionate twisted love.

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Film Alone is worthy to watch once for Bipasha's presence, unique storyline, some good surprises and !!

January 16 th, 2015

Film Alone has a good idea to it - Conjoined twins turning out to be a hero and a villain respectively. With Bipasha Basu, a master in horror genre, playing both roles, the field is set for director Bhushan Patel to play around. But, even though the first half sees a lot of monotonous scenes, it is the second half that does the trick, particularly in the pre-climax.
Trouble in the lives of wedded couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover is established right at the beginning of the movie and you very well sense that there is a component of 'Raaz' that former is superficially carrying. In fact one does wonder if the movie could well have been pitched for Raaz 4! However one goes with the flow as troubles start haunting Bipasha in a bungalow that is located in a Godforsaken land, oddly in God's own place - Kerala.
While this lends an exciting beginning to the plot, by the way it becomes way too repetitive in 30-40 minutes that follow. There are uncountable number of scenes set in the bedroom when there are haunting moments between Bipasha and the ghost. Appreciatively, Bhushan does place a few surprises here and there which makes for some exciting moments indeed. Oh sure, as for the eventual twist in the story during the climax, one can pretty much see it coming during the first half itself.
Nevertheless, the film actually begins at the interval point where a shock awaits the viewers. While the pace increases, Bipasha too gets into the Jism mode, hence coming up with reasonably a few high proximity encounters with Karan. Though they are not steamy per se and erotica quotient is missing too, they are eye candy for unquestionable, hence keeping the target viewers content.
In the meantime, the tale continues to gather pace and once housemaid Sulbha Arya begins the prayers, the movie begins to peak with the best reserved for the sequence when a tantrik is called home. Oh sure, it is all Vikram Bhatt in the way the stage is set and the events unfold, what with set design, lighting as well as background score being from his school of creating fear. But, considering the fact that Bhushan has worked with Vikram for years, it is comprehensible.
One does feel though that the climax could have seen a well scripting instead of a routine outhouse/warehouse setting. In fact it also reminds one of Raaz 3. Also, the cliché of aatma entering Zakir Hussain's body hardly wonders. But, considering the fact that Alone has been made as a formula affair, presumption this is what comes with the territory.
Bipasha is in good phase and it is wonderful to see how she manages to do so many horror/super natural movies and yet seem so convinced about enacting a haunted character. Karan is looking great and at places his dialogue delivery and voice seem similar to that of Hrithik Roshan. He does better than most first time actors. Music is worthy but every song just increases the length of the movie.
In general, it is worthy to watch once for Bipasha's presence, unique storyline, some good surprises and a very good pre-climax.

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