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Manisha Koirala opens up on dating 'wrong men'!

Monday Jul 08, 2024

Manisha Koirala opens up on dating 'wrong men'!

Even though she dominated Bollywood with her first Hindi film, Saudagar, Manisha Koirala, a senior actress in the Indian film industry, came to Delhi with the goal of becoming a doctor. Her life took a significant turn when she decided to pursue acting after accepting a few modelling contracts.

Though her career has been quite successful, the actress is currently not interested in pursuing a love relationship. She disclosed in the interview that her negative experiences stemmed from her interactions with the "wrong men."
Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar actress Manisha Koirala talked about her dating experiences and how unlucky she has been in a media discussion. The seasoned actress admitted that she has given thought to the idea that she has only fallen in love with the wrong kind of men.

The actress would often question why she was doing it, to the point that she began to doubt herself and believe there was a problem with her attraction to the most disturbed person in the room.
She came to the realization that she needed to address the issue as a result. “I have been single for five to six years now, and I am not in the mood to mingle because I still feel like there is a lot of work I need to do on myself,” the Sanju actress specified.
She claims that she has always been incredibly forgiving in her relationships. Koirala revealed in the same interview that she didn't know anyone because she was a newcomer to the business having moved from Nepal. She had just left school and was at a loss about what was right or wrong.
“I felt that loneliness a boyfriend or partner would fill,” but she never experienced it. Many would make promises of living a dream romantic life, dining by candlelight, and other activities, but none of those things ever materialized. She was disappointed, but she also chose to forgive them and move on, ignoring the warning signs.
As she grew older and lived a longer life, she came to understand that “I had collected too many unnecessary people around me.”
Even if her previous relationships have left her with bad taste in her mouth, she remains optimistic about finding love in the most unlikely locations. She continued by saying that she hoped to have a positive relationship with someone in the future, one in which they would accept one another for who they are and be open and honest about where they are right now.
Speaking on the attributes the boys should have, she said that they have to comprehend “what are the lessons we need to learn to grow, and if we can support each other in our journey.” The actress from the company wants to be with someone who is aspirational and “some sort of passion because I am a very passionate person,” she concluded.

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